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the Multi-Hitch is the original design for all
combination hitches used throughout the world today.
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The Multi-Hitch is the original design for all combination hitches used throughout the world today. Started in the early 1970's, the Multi-Hitch combines the more commonly used trailer ball hitches with the more industrial pintle hitch system. The hitch resulted in cost savings, increased safety, performance, ease of use and appearance. Even today, manufacturing methods and packaging are being changed to bring you a more cost effective and attractive product.
Heavy Duty Includes

bullet2.jpg  combination hitches with interchangeable ball sizes
bullet2.jpg  pintle hitches - 15 Ton GTW
bullet2.jpg  flat back hitches can be mounted directly to vehicle
bullet2.jpg  adapters (mounting plates) for mounting hitches to receiver
Class II - IV

bullet2.jpg  Ball mounts - allows height adjustment for trailer coupling and interchangeable balls
Flex Hitch

bullet2.jpg  new product from Kerins / Multi-Hitch for trailers up to 3,500 lbs.
bullet2.jpg  allows increased deflection angle of trailer on steep grades
bullet2.jpg  complete kit includes all necessary parts for towing and installation
bullet2.jpg  available in some marine stores
Accessories Include

bullet2.jpg  water resistant lock & pin set for maximum security
bullet2.jpg  5/8" pin & clip to secure adapters to vehicles
bullet2.jpg  mounting kit - four nut & bolt set for attaching hitches
bullet2.jpg  trailer balls
All Kerins / Multi-Hitch Products

bullet2.jpg  are individually boxed
bullet2.jpg  are shipped on the next business day
make Kerins / Multi-Hitch your "one stop shop"
for all your trailer hitch needs.
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